So you have been to Rome, Florence and Venice…where to now.  Here are a view suggestions if Italy is your favourite destination in the world!

Siena, Tuscany

With a distinctive medieval charm and a reputation for the annual Palio horse race, Siena is often overlooked in favour of Florence and or Pisa, though holds just as much charm! The cities’ main attraction is the Piazza known as Il Campo, though be sure to step inside the Siena Cathedral for one of the most impressive interiors you will find the world over.

Torno, Lombardy

Lake Como is best discovered at a slow and steady pace, wandering throughout the many towns and villages that sprawl across the edges of the lake. Torno is one such small town in Como – a small and unassuming little gem just a short ferry ride from Como itself.

Lucca, Tuscany

Just a short drive from popular Florence is nearby Lucca, a city renowned for its renaissance walls, terracotta rooftops and cobblestone streets. Lucca is best seen from the top of the Guinigi tower – just be sure to pack some comfortable walking shoes and visit before lunch – there are 230 stairs for the journey to the top! If you can manage the climb you will be rewarded with 360 degree views over the city.

Ravello, Amalfi

This area is best explored on a Vespa and best discovery will be the hillside town of Ravello. Located 36dm above sea level, this charming little town is known for its incredible views, limoncello, gardens and vineyards.

Verona, Veneto

Last but not least, Verona is the less popular cousin to Venice, though can be equally as charming, especially with fewer crowds! If you are travelling through Italy by train it makes sense to stop by Verona, a city known for its ties to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  A must visit to Juliet’s statue and Balcony…and perhaps you too can leave a love letter on the wall.

Brooke Saward