Learn about the tradition of Peruvian Creole cuisine in demonstration class at El Señorío de Sulco

Participate in a class offered by the chef of this traditional restaurant located in one of the most attractive areas of the city.


Experience: Gastronomy

  • 1:30 hours
  • AM
  • Upon Request

What will we do?

El Señorío de Sulco restaurant has become an emblem of Peruvian cuisine over the years for the quality of its dishes and in-depth knowledge of each ingredient. Isabel Álvarez, restaurant manager, researcher and chef, has preserved the essence of the original flavours of Peru for more than three decades, and this continues through the executive chef Flavio Solórzano, chef of broad trajectory.

This experience is a demonstration class where there is also a transfer of knowledge of hundreds of years of fusion and history that resulted in the dishes that the chef will prepare for the passengers: Causa, Ceviche and Lomo Saltado. These are 3 of the most characteristic recipes of Peruvian gastronomy and learning them in El Señorío de Sulco is priceless. During the preparations, each necessary step to achieve a delicious final result is explained. Finally the dishes are assembled and decorated.